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Hearing Aid Maintenance and Repair

We know you want to take care your investment. We can guide you toward avoiding problems, or fix them if they happen.

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Hearing 365 Plan

Cost effective care for uncovered hearing aids

Hearing Doctors of the Heartland offers extended warranty coverage for hearing aids purchased anywhere, as long as the aids are under 5 years of age and in good working order when you sign up. One dollar a day, $365/year, will cover you for repairs and maintenance visits in our office!


The 365 Plan covers the maintenance and cleaning necessary to keep your hearing technology functioning at best. It also guarantees that if something goes wrong, your repairs are covered with no additional out-of-pocket costs.

Better Hearing

The 365 Plan ensures you have the best hearing you deserve. Over time, hearing aids need a little TLC. Verifying your hearing aids are working through routine cleanings and procedures to ensure they are working at their best is an investment in your quality of life. You have already invested in better hearing! We want to keep your investment optimized.


Being part of our 365 Plan ensures that you always have the support of a caring office staff by your side without extra charges of office visits. When you call with a problem, you are ensured priority scheduling and service by one of our excellent providers. You can be confident in knowing you are receiving the best care.

Options? We've got them.

We partner with great brands to provide the hearing aid technology to match your needs.

The Dos and Don’ts of Hearing Aid Care


  • Store your hearing aids in a safe place that is cool and dry.
  • Handle your hearing aids gently with clean, dry fingers.
  • Check your batteries, and if they are not rechargeable, change them before they run out of life.
  • Turn off your hearing aids when not in use.
  • For hearing aids that take batteries, you will want to open the battery doors when not using them.
  • If your hearing aids are rechargeable, remember to place them in the charging unit each night to maintain optimal performance.
  • If rechargeable, clean their contact points occasionally to make sure everything connects properly
  • Remove your hearing aids and change batteries above a soft surface, such as a towel, in case of an accidental drop.
  • Clean the hearing aids daily using the small brush or cloth that came with them. Brushing off the speakers and microphones will help to keep your sound coming through crisp and clear.
  • Change the filters occasionally to avoid dirt buildup.
  • Talk to your hearing care professional about routine maintenance to optimize the performance of your hearing aids. Maintenance is key and we are here to help!

Comprehensive Warranty

  • Unlimited cleaning and adjustments
  • Loss Protection up to 3 years depending on model
  • Corrosion and moisture protection
  • Free software updates for the life of your hearing aids

The Dos and Don’ts of Hearing Aid Care


  • Don’t wear your hearing aids in the shower or when swimming. Water will damage the inner workings of typical hearing aids.
  • Don’t wear your hearing aids if you are experiencing an excessive amount of perspiration. Sweat and moisture can also damage the inner workings of your hearing aids.
  • If you are going to be in an excessive amount of noise (mowing the lawn, woodworking, machine noise), avoid wearing your hearing aids and opt to use hearing protection instead.
  • Don’t use a hair dryer, hair spray, or any other type of spray with your hearing aids on.
  • Don’t store your hearing aids in direct sunlight, in a car, or near a heating unit.
  • Don’t use any tools on your hearing aids, other than the tools that came with your hearing aids, as this may result in serious or permanent malfunctions.
  • Don’t leave your hearing aids or batteries in a place where they could be chewed or swallowed by pets or small children. Beyond the destruction of your devices, consuming hearing aid batteries can be hazardous.
  • Don’t wear your hearing aids during a CAT, MRI, or other electromagnetic scan.
  • Don’t ignore your hearing aids. If you can’t clean your hearing aids or your hearing aids aren’t working properly, always contact a hearing care professional for advice and repairs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • 30-day evaluation period standard on all hearing aid fittings.
  • 60-day exchange for a different size or style of hearing aids.

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Explore Our Additional Services

Besides hearing aids and hearing tests, we also offer customization options.

Our team can take impressions of your ears and order custom ear plugs and other in-ear products for your maximum comfort. Our custom hearing protection options offer a solution for preventing hearing loss in the first place, even when you need to be exposed to loud noises.