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Better Hearing Means a Better Life

Our Doctors of Audiology offer hearing aids and tinnitus treatment in Iowa and Illinois.

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The Support You Need

  • Start with an initial consultation.
  • We can help you find your path to better hearing in a one hour visit.
  • Our clinic can access all manufacturers of technology.
  • We are happy to help you establish care with hearing aids purchased elsewhere.
  • Have insurance benefits? We can help.
  • Financing programs are available.

Hear What Everyone is Talking About

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You can live forever with a hearing loss and do nothing about it. But to experience life at its fullest, hearing about your loved one’s day, effortlessly accessing the TV and telephone, and recalling fond memories with your best friends make life worthwhile.

Addressing your hearing loss has many advantages:

  • Improved confidence
  • Slow down cognitive decline
  • Improved emotional and physical health
  • Reduced listening effort
  • Improved communication in relationships
  • Reduced mental stress
  • Increase your earning power
  • Improve your fall risk
  • Reduce annoyance related to tinnitus
  • Decreased incidence of depression
Learn About Hearing Loss

We think independent, just like you.

We partner with great brands to provide the hearing aid technology to match your needs.

Our Hearing Aids

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • 30-day evaluation period standard on all hearing aid fittings.
  • 60-day exchange for a different size or style of hearing aids.

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I can hear but I can’t understand...

Is this hearing loss?

Hearing Loss Education

I hear "ringing". I think I have tinnitus.

You're not alone, and we have answers.

Caring for Tinnitus

Are hearing aids right for me?

What you can expect.

Learn About Hearing Aids

Comprehensive Warranty

  • Unlimited cleaning and adjustments
  • Loss Protection up to 3 years depending on model
  • Corrosion and moisture protection
  • Free software updates for the life of your hearing aids

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The Doctor Will See You Now

Our providers incorporate the right tools to help each patient to manage their hearing loss.

Dr. Jessica Dimmick, AuD
I discovered my passion in audiology after founding Hearing Doctors of Iowa in 2017. There weren't enough hours in the day to serve everyone who needed quality, compassionate care. I personally felt most drawn to providing access to care for everyone who needed it. As a doctor of audiology, to experience the restoration of clarity and understanding of voices for someone struggling to hear is a gift. I just had to help more. So I found other doctors of audiology and hearing instrument specialists who shared my passion to serve. Together we have an impact much greater than the sum of our individual efforts. Dr. Jessica Dimmick, AuD

Expertise You Can Trust

Our audiologists and hearing instrument specialists take pride in the specialized knowledge, training, and care for our patients with hearing loss and tinnitus.

  • Evidence-based approach
  • Specialized experience
  • State of the art instruments

As a team, we have dedicated over 75 years collectively in the evaluation and treatment of hearing disorders, their effects, and providing a treatment course for every patient.

Choose the Right Specialist

It is the mission of Dr. Jessica Dimmick, the founder of Hearing Doctors of the Heartland, to have the maximum impact on the communities who need us the most for access to quality audiology and hearing aid services.

Our Providers

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

She made me feel very comfortable, and put my mind at ease as she explained everything that was going to take place during the hearing test. She explained the results of the hearing test, and took time for me to ask any questions I had concerning my hearing. Dr. Dimmick worked with me on putting the hearing aids in, taking them out, changing the batteries, EVERYTHING I need to know as a “1st time hearing aid wearer.” I am able to HEAR better than I have for over 40 years! Thank you so much!!!Lori B.
I went into Hearing Doctors of Iowa today for the first time and loved everything about my visit! I was greeted by their friendly receptionist, Alexis, and was taken care of quickly. Dr. Jessica Dimmick was kind and professional. I look forward to making Hearing Doctors of Iowa my new go to for all my hearing needs!Amanda F.
When my hearing specialist closed their doors in Ames, IA...I was really concerned...I had just purchased a new top of the line hearing aid!...fortunately Dr. Dimmick has recently opened Hearing Doctors of Iowa...I have only had a couple of small issues and she jumped through hoops to make sure I had a working hearing aid...I am 65, and I have never experienced a Doctor that cares about her patients as much as she does!..Your hearing is her top priority bar none...this rating should actually be 5++...Ralph J.