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Hearing Tests

Our hearing is a vital sense to our connection with others. Without it, we can miss out on conversations and opportunities to enjoy life. Did you know that hearing loss the third most prevalent health condition? It effects individuals in all stages of life, from birth to mature adults. While the cause of the hearing loss might not be known, a hearing test can yield the information necessary to make a proper diagnosis. In some cases, medical intervention is necessary to correct a condition that is weakening the hearing loss. A comprehensive audiological exam by a doctor of audiology can find these conditions and make the proper referral for your care.

What is performed in a comprehensive exam?

  • Otoscopic examination of your ear canals to ensure the canals are clear and healthy for testing.
  • Acoustic Immitance which identifies middle ear conditions such as the presence of fluid, middle ear or outer ear infections, perforations in the tympanic membrane, Eustachian tube dysfunction or ossicular fixation, to name a few. This measurement is necessary to rule out a possible medical condition contributing to your hearing loss.
  • Pure tone testing using air and bone conduction is a frequency specific test used to map out the strengths and weaknesses of the peripheral system. Most commonly referred to as the "beep test," this test confirms the presence of a hearing loss and measures the severity.
  • Word recognition testing is also a component of a comprehensive exam. Do you feel like you can hear but not understand? Speech is a complex signal that requires our central system to sort out and understand the message it is hearing from the outside world. Poor word recognition is classified as difficulty comprehending words, even when the volume is at a comfortable level.
  • This battery of tests is the gold standard for observation of the complete hearing system to make a proper diagnosis. If you have never had a comprehensive exam by a doctor of audiology, you could be missing out on opportunities for care of your hearing loss.
I have had a moderate to severe hearing loss for a number of years and during that time have dealt with a number of "hearing specialists" that, in my opinion, have spent more time learning how to sell hearing aids than they have spent on training to administer a basic hearing test and calibrating hearing aids to meet the specific hearing loss of each individual client.

That changed dramatically when I came to Dr. Jessica Dimmick. The lesson I learned is that you need an AUDIOLOGIST who has extensive training in dealing with all aspects of your hearing loss to help you choose the right hearing aids and someone who is an expert at calibrating your hearing aids to provide you with the maximum benefit! I have learned that the time spent on focusing on your hearing loss by a true professional is the key to maximizing the benefits of your hearing aids and Dr. Dimmick excels at that. The best part - It doesn't cost a penny more! Please learn from my experience and go see Dr. Dimmick.Tom G.

Hearing Aids

Hearing technology is a useful tool to make every day situations more enjoyable when you have a hearing loss. Treatment for many cases of hearing loss is hearing aids. The investment in hearing technology is a significant investment in your overall health. Don't take the chance that you'll receive less than the best care for your hearing aids "after the sale." Hearing loss will be an ongoing condition. See an audiologist who offers numerous solutions for your lifestyle and the satisfaction in your experience will be of the utmost importance. It's true, hearing aids are usually an out of pocket expense. When you are investing your hard earned money, it should be with the most consideration for the long term satisfaction.

Technology these days can be as simple or as complex as you want. With a wide variety of manufacturers and styles available, Hearing Doctors of Illinois has a solution to fit your needs. Most individuals have a concern for either performance, cosmetics, or budget. The good news is that we can meet these needs with technology these days.

Rechargeable technology is now eliminating the need for the nuisance of battery changes. Hearing aid batteries can be costly if they are not provided with your hearing aids. Changing batteries requires excellent eye sight and coordination of your hands. If you're tired of the hassle, rechargeable hearing aids may be the answer!

Invisible technology offers a discreet option for improved hearing. Not all hearing aids are made equally. A line of custom hearing aids referred to as "invisible in the canal" can be designed around the contours of your ear canal to offer better hearing, without attracting the notice of others. Fitting of these instruments requires careful consideration of the structures of your ear canals for the engineering of the instruments. Programming the sound of the instruments requires attention to detail and experience, to have a sound quality that overcomes an otherwise "plugged" sensation. Hearing Doctors of Illinois has fit many custom hearing aids and can show you all of the appropriate options of technology for your lifestyle.

Have a smart phone? Want to have control of your hearing aids at the touch of your fingertips? How about an app that can help you adjust for a complex environment or streaming of phone calls directly to your ears? The time has come for connectivity! Bring your smart phone to your consultation to find how easy listening can be when you're on the go.

Options? We've got them.

We partner with great brands to provide the hearing aid technology to match your needs.

Tinnitus Assessment

Tinnitus is a common symptom known to effect millions of Americans.

The causes of tinnitus are plenty. If you suffer from tinnitus and can't seem to find relief, consult a doctor of audiology who specializes in tinnitus. For many, tinnitus is an elusive condition, with no real rhyme or reason. It can at times get worse with certain triggers. If you find yourself avoiding situations that you used to enjoy or feeling an emotional reaction to the tinnitus, it may be time to see if there is a solution for you.

Questions About Tinnitus

We're here to help you with more than just hearing aids.

Custom Solutions

Ear Impressions

Want to order custom items from your own manufacturer? No problem! We can take your ear impression in the office in a 20-30 minute appointment.

Custom In-Ear Products

Pilots, musicians, and security or police officers often use radios or headsets for communication. But if you find that the generic ear piece doesn't fit in your ear comfortably, a custom product may be for you! Bring your radio or headset to the office and we can help find a solution for your ear piece comfort.

Custom Hearing Protection

When it comes to hearing loss, noise is a major contributor to permanent hearing loss. If you find yourself in noisy environments often, custom hearing protection may be for you. Foam ear plugs don't fit all ears and insertion can be difficult for some. Custom hearing protection is made from a cast of your own ear canal so it fits perfectly! This ensures you are protecting your hearing in the most significant way. If you want to block out sound completely or even enjoy music at a quieter level, there is a solution for you in custom hearing protection. Different designs allow for the overall knock out of noise or even an attenuation of sound to help keep the enjoyment of sound possible, but in a comfortable range. Perfect for music enthusiasts!

Already have hearing aids?

Did you purchase hearing aids elsewhere and want to be seen at one of our Hearing Doctors of the Heartland clinics? Did you just relocate to the area and want to establish care locally? We can help!

An Establish Care Evaluation allows for a patient who has never been seen at Hearing Doctors of the Heartland to utilize our services.

Establishing Care Evaluation

In a 60 or 90 minute Establish Care Evaluation we:

  • Gather information regarding your hearing history
  • Determine your hearing sensitivity with a full comprehensive exam
  • Assess status of your current amplification
  • Call the manufacturer regarding device information and warranties
  • Thoroughly clean and check your devices
  • Request records from previous provider
  • Repair devices (additional fee)
  • Re-program current amplification (additional fee)
  • Fit hearing aids to current hearing test
  • Teach you how to use and maintain devices
  • Verification of hearing aids using real-ear measures
  • Includes two follow-up visits

Hearing Aid Repairs

Keeping your hearing aids in good working order sometimes takes extra hands. Regular cleanings can help avoid issues like corrosion or debris blockages in your hearing aids. If your hearing aids have stopped working, it could be as simple as needing in office TLC. We can clean and check any make or model of hearing aids in our office. If we can't revive your hearing aids, it may be necessary to send them in for a repair. Oftentimes, the repair cost depends on the age of the instrument or the complexity of the issue. Bring your hearing aids to the office for a check up and we can quote the cost of bringing your hearing aids back into good working order! On average, the cost of a hearing aid repair at the manufacturer is under $300. Let us give you a personalized quote!