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Welcome to Hearing Doctors of Iowa in Clive! We are your source for comprehensive hearing care services and high-quality hearing aid treatment plans. Our team of dedicated audiologists are committed to delivering customized hearing solutions tailored to your individual requirements.

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Meet Your Clive Audiologist

Our audiologists hold a doctorate degree in audiology and are highly qualified to provide you with personalized hearing solutions. They can diagnose and treat any hearing issue, and offer a range of services, such as hearing tests, tinnitus treatment, and customized treatment solutions, tailored to your needs.

Dr. Tyler Duraes, AuD

Dr. Tyler Duraes, AuD

Dr. Tyler Duraes holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech & Hearing Science and a Doctorate of Audiology from the University of Utah. During his clinical externship in St. Louis, MO, he provided comprehensive care for patients of all ages, focusing on hearing, balance, and amplification services. After completing his externship, Dr. Duraes relocated to Des Moines, where he is dedicated to serving both rural and metro communities in Iowa, as well as United States Veterans. His expertise lies in prescribing, fitting, and providing follow-up care for hearing aid devices, conducting hearing evaluations, and addressing balance disorders and tinnitus.

Hearing Services In Clive

At our Clive hearing clinic, we offer a comprehensive range of hearing care services to cater to all your auditory needs:

Hearing Evaluations: Our thorough hearing tests allow us to understand your unique hearing profile and determine the most appropriate treatment options.

Hearing Aid Fittings: We offer cutting-edge hearing aid technology and personalized fittings for optimal comfort and performance.

Hearing Aid Repairs & Maintenance: Our skilled hearing healthcare providers promptly and reliably repair all makes and models of hearing aids. Whether you purchased your hearing aids with us or elsewhere, we have the expertise and equipment to assist you.

Tinnitus Management: If you’re experiencing ringing in your ears, our experts can provide relief and enhance your quality of life. Our doctors are extensively trained in tinnitus solutions.

Custom Hearing Protection: We offer personalized hearing protection solutions to safeguard your ears in noisy environments.

Educational Resources: Our commitment to empowering patients includes knowledge about hearing health and proper hearing aid care. Our education, counseling, and after-care extend well beyond your initial appointment, ensuring you have all the tools for optimal hearing health.

Reviews & Testimonials For Our Clive Clinic

I am SO happy and satisfied with Hearing Doctors of Iowa and Kim!! It has been a wonderful experience transitioning to them from the previous operation. Best decision I've made and should have done it years ago!
Thank you Hearing Doctors of Iowa. My new normal is awesome. Hearing loss has been a barrier in my every day life. Thank you Dr. Dimmick and your wonderful staff for everything! Especially for the tinnitus relief, one less distraction finally. Thanks again JB
I am so impressed with the staff in Clive. They all are so very friendly and accommodating to me. They truly want to help me and are continually offering suggestions for better hearing . I would highly recommend this company and this office.

How To Contact Our Clive Hearing Clinic

If you have any questions or concerns about your hearing health, or if you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our hearing specialists, please contact us. We are here to help you hear better and live better.