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If you are looking for the gold standard in hearing care, understand that we adhere to best practices in the fitting of your hearing instruments using real ear verification.

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What is Real Ear Verification?

Verification is the way to measure hearing aid performance to establish truth and accuracy. It is an objective measure based solely on the empirical evidence recorded by the instrumentation. We use verification to ensure that the powerful processors inside of hearing instruments are able to meet a specific standard, giving the patient what their hearing loss requires. Without proper verification practices, there is no way of knowing if the hearing aids are performing correctly. Some providers may refer to this process as “verifying your prescription” because, in essence, this procedure compares the real-time study of sound inside of your ear canal to prescribed amplification required for your individual hearing loss.

Dr. Jessica Dimmick, AuD
Hearing aid verification corrects areas of over or under amplification causing less than ideal performance. Dr. Jessica Dimmick, AuD


Verification is how we make sure your hearing aids are working RIGHT for your unique needs.


Validation is where YOU have a say in how your hearing aids sound and how your feedback improves your hearing aid experience.

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Your provider may be one of the 70% of hearing practices that do not perform hearing aid verification measures.

Don't settle for hearing aids without the proper settings and calibrations. This happens all too often, in fact, according to the American Academy of Audiology, it is suggested that only 30% of hearing practices report doing performance measuring verification on these intricate devices.

We follow best practices to unlock your instruments true potential.

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We partner with great brands to provide the hearing aid technology to match your needs.

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Will my hearing loss be cured by hearing aids?

The treatment of hearing loss is much like any rehabilitation process; it takes practice to get better. The moment hearing aids are put into your ears, you'll likely be able to notice an improvement. The process of helping you adjust to the sounds you have been missing will often take some time. We urge you to remember to be patient with yourself during this process. Hearing loss usually takes years to develop.

It's essential to work closely with your ear doctor to make sure that you are comfortable while still reaching your goals for better hearing. Though there technically isn’t a cure for hearing loss, hearing aids have come a long way, and today’s hearing aids come equipped with technological advances that significantly improve your ability to hear in most environments.

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